Pieces in Persian

Here there are pieces in Persian. The articles are in postscript (pdf) format, and so can be viewed or printed by acrobat reader (www.adobe.com), or printed by sending directly to a postscript printer.

The files here are free to download, provided they are not altered in any sense (including text, style, orthography, ...).


Educational physics articles

FAT-101, Similarization To Solve Problems In Physics: Brachistochrone (Minimal Time) and Tautochrone (Equal Time) Curves, by A.H.F.
FAT-102, Sundial, by M. Khorrami, F. Roshani, A. Shariati and A.H.F.
FAT-103, No Problem Is Very Very Easy, by A.H.F.
FAT-104, On Adiabatic Invariants, by A.H.F.
FAT-105, Why F = ma?, by A.H.F.
FAT-106, On Scattering Off A Short-Range Potential In Classical Mechanics, by A.H.F. (released 28/Jun/2003).
FAT-107, On System Of Units And Physical Constants, by A.H.F. (released 08/Oct/2003) (one page is added 29/Feb/2004).
FAT-108, Note On The Shape Of A Drop On A Horizontal Plane, Gamma 08 (Fall 2005) 30, by A.H.F.
Note On The Shape Of A Drop On A Horizontal Plane II, Gamma 15 (Fall 2007) 32,
by A.H.F.
FAT-110, Least Action Principle And Path-Equation: A Review, by A.H.F.

FAT-112, Introduction to Monte Carlo by Mathematica,
by A.H.F.


FAT-301, Standard Model Of Particle Physics, slides presented in 9th under-graduate school on "Particle Physics", at IASBS, Azar 1382 (Dec. 2003).